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Richard and Sophia Skolnik live in White Rock, NM, the sister town of Los Alamos. Richard continues to guest teach several times a year at Yale and is formally advising Yale grad students in public health. He also maintains his massive online course for Yale/Coursera, Essentials of Global Health, ( Over 5,000 new learners enrolled in the course in the last two weeks. The fourth edition of Richard’s textbook, Global Health 101, was published in October 2019 and remains the best-selling textbook in its field worldwide. Richard has been deeply involved with advocacy work on COVID-19 within New Mexico, writing a weekly column for the Los Alamos Daily Post. His last article followed a Yale webinar on Leadership in Times of Crisis: Richard’s daughter, Rachel is deeply involved in school health in Los Alamos and his son, Aaron, is an ICU physician at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. Richard spends much as much time as possible with his grandchildren, two of whom live a mile away, and his wife, Sophia, is the most devoted grandmother in the world.

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