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Having retired from photojournalism after many assignments and great fun, I’ve turned to fiction in my dotage. My debut novel is out at last. Ever So Silent: An Emma Thorne Mystery can be found at, should you be interested (review appreciated). Kirkus Reviews called the book “… nerve-wracking. A high-quality murder mystery with a labyrinthine plot and a memorable heroine.” Greg Schmidt (who is married to Jenny Lyman ’72) wrote: “Fine New Cop on the Block. Welcome Emma Thorne to the pantheon of small town cops who punch above their weight. And welcome Christopher Little to the club of those who craft self-assured, well-researched procedurals with characters whose fate you care about (which includes both compellingly flawed good guys and evil creeps). Little clearly knows his territory – decaying small town New England – and paces the introduction of technical and historical and cultural nuggets so that they contribute to and don’t digress from the rollicking and suitably twisty plot. Hard to believe this is Little’s first mystery. Hope we see another Emma Thorne installment soon.”
I trust this finds everyone well. My wife of forty years, Betsy, and I live in Northwest Connecticut. I still cut down our firewood and do the things country-folk do. And I am still a volunteer EMT and former chief on our local ambulance squad. I rarely get into my birth city, New York. We live a few miles from my only daughter, Eliza (Yale Forestry and Yale Public Health), her Canadian sculptor husband, Bevan, and their brilliant five-year-old daughter, Charlotte (seen here reading a proof copy). To all of you, I send my very best. Finally, thanks dedicated 71ers for this fine website.
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  1. Tim Powell writes:

    Congratulations on your book, Christopher.

    Thanks for this great news, the precious photo, and the kind words about our site!


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