Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re having a problem using this site, you may find the answer below.  If you’re new to the site, please read through these questions before you get started.

While we try to keep these as current as possible, sometimes the software changes faster than our capacity to update these.  If you find a “bug” in these directions, please let us know!

For more on these or other questions you may have, please use the CONTACT US form at the top of this page.

Overview of Site Layout and Features


In the blue bar near the top of this screen, right below the Yale seal, you’ll see a horizontal list of menu items. When you move your mouse sideways and click on any of the items, you’ll go to that page. HOME always brings you back to this page.

  • LATEST NEWS are the most recent items, latest first
  • ABOUT US/CLASS COUNCIL tells you about Class leadership and site management
  • COMMUNITY is a continually updated biographical entry for each Class member, as well as some handy communications features
  • FAQ are frequently asked questions about how the site operates
  • CONTACT US is a quick way to submit news items or questions to the site managers


On the right column of this screen (tan shading) is a vertical menu list.  At the top is log in information if you have registered previously for the site.  If you haven’t registered yet, click on “I need to register” in blue.  If you have registered, but have forgotten your password, click “I forgot my password.”  Please note that you need to enable cookies in your browser for this site to work properly.  There’s information on the web about how to do this with most major browsers, but if you get stuck, use the CONTACT US form to let us know.

If the computer you’re using is private (i.e., used only by you), you can click in the “Remember Me” box to avoid having to log in each time you access the site.

  • SEARCH SITE allows you to enter a word or string (group of words within quotes) to search for them on this site
  • PRIVATE AREAS are sections of the site open only to registered Class members — the virtual Classbook, the In Memoriam pages, and the Photo Galleries
  • LATEST NEWS includes a rolling list of the last ten News entries (also called “postings”)
  • UPCOMING EVENTS are listed as such until they occur, then go back in with News listings
  • RECENT COMMENTS allow you to quickly access the comments classmates have made on other postings
  • BROWSE ARCHIVES allows you to read news topics dating back to 2006
  • TOPICS is a cross-reference index of items by category
  • USEFUL LINKS takes you outside Yale71.org to other Yale-related sites that you may find interesting.  There are also convenient links to make Yale donations and pay your Class dues.  Please note that, while we try to keep these links current, Yale sometimes changes their addresses without notifying us. If you find a broken link, please let us know.


There are other items that function as links to other web pages, either inside or outside Yale71.org. These are most often in blue bold type.  When you “hover” your mouse pointer over these before clicking, you’ll see a color change and/or an underline appear. Also, you’ll see your onscreen pointer turn into a hand icon. Then just click once to go to the linked page.


In many cases you have the option to add your comment to an existing posting. You must be logged in to Yale71.org to do this. Your comments will be sent via a secure comment form after you click on the blue SUBMIT button. By doing this, you’re giving us permission to post your comment on Yale71.org, attributed to you.


We’ve designed Yale71.org using WordPress and BuddyPress, also used by the New York Times and many other sites. We try to make it as easy for you to use as possible, though it may take a little practice for those of you who don’t use the Internet a lot.

If you find things confusing, or things that don’t work the way it seems they should, and the above FAQ haven’t helped, please let us know via the “Contact Us” page. We’ll respond to you privately.  There’s no question too rudimentary, and it’s entirely possible you will have discovered something in the site that is broken.

Accessing the Site

It’s hard to remember the name of the site, and Google doesn’t find it.  Can you help?

Yes.  Just type “yale71.org” into your browser.  That’s all you need to remember.  This will automatically take you to the actual site, which has a longer name that you’ll see in your browser address bar.  Then bookmark the page in your web browser, and just click on the bookmark when you want to visit the site.  Google and other search engines don’t find us because, for privacy reasons, we’ve requested that the site not be indexed.

Figure 1: Log-In Screen

At the top right corner of this page, I see boxes for my username and password (Figure 1). What are these for?

Certain features of this site (described below) are available only to registered members of the Yale College Class of 1971. If you have some connection to the Class (like you started with us, but graduated later), we welcome you to register.

If you’re using your own private computer, you can check the Remember Me box so the site recognizes you on future visits.  Please note that for this and certain other site features to work properly, you need to enable cookies in your browser.

After you log in, the box will change to look like Figure 2.

Figure 2: Logged-in Menu Options

Here you can review your Inbox of messages internal to the Class site, edit your personal Profile ( about which more below), Log Out of the Classbook, or Go Back to the virtual Classbook pages.

Do I have to log in to view the entire site?

Yes. While much of the site is visible to everyone, there are three Class-only Private Areas:

  • COMMUNITY – a collection of self-maintained profiles for each living member of the Class
  • IN MEMORIAM – a page of remembrances for each deceased Class member
  • PHOTO GALLERIES – fun pictures of reunions, artistic performances, etc.
  • CLASS SURVEY results

You’ll see these under the tab labelled Private Areas in the right column. These areas can be viewed only by registered Class members who are logged in.

How do I register to use the site?

If you’re a Class member, click here to register. Your user name and a password will be emailed to you as soon as your Class membership has been verified, which usually takes a day or two.  For security reasons, this is a manual process.  You can keep using the password you receive, or change it (as described below).

Figure 3: Changing Your Password

Can I change my password?

Yes.  Go to your PROFILE, go to the SETTINGS / GENERAL tab, enter the new password the same way in each of the two boxes, and hit SAVE CHANGES, as shown in Figure 3.  Here you can also change the email address associated with your site registration.

I’ve lost my password.  Can you help?

Yes.  For security reasons, we don’t keep your password (as it is encrypted) — but we can help you get a new one by clicking here or on “I forgot my password” at the upper right corner of this page. You’ll need to know your site User Name and the email address you gave us when you registered.

I’ve lost track of my User Name and/or the email address I gave you when I registered.

Click here or on CONTACT US at the top of this page and give us your name and the email address you want us to use. We’ll verify your Class membership and get back to you.

Site Privacy Policies

How do you use the information I give you when I register?

We use this information to verify that you’re a Class member and should be granted access to the Class-only portions of this site. We may also use this information to communicate with you regarding Class events and other items of Class business. Finally, if you have explicitly authorized us in advance to do so, we may transmit your contact information to Yale’s Alumni Records office as described below.

Will anyone else be able to access this information?

No, except that if you authorize us to do so on the registration form, we may transmit your contact information on your behalf to Yale’s Alumni Records office, so they can update their master database. This database is used for a variety of University, AYA, and Class mailings, both physical and electronic, and could include, among other things, solicitations for financial contributions. Yale has its own detailed policies regarding the use of alumni records, which you can review here.  Yale71.org strictly adheres to these and all other University policies regarding the privacy and safekeeping of your information.

Is this site secure?

Yes, to the extent possible. We have technologies and procedures in place to safeguard the privacy and security of the Class-only sections of this site. However, in spite of our best efforts to the contrary, it is possible that this site could become compromised. Please don’t put anything on Yale71.org that you would not want to see become public information.

Contributing Your Community Profile

What is my Community profile?

Figure 4: Editing Your Profile

Your profile is a mini-biography that you complete based on a set of topics we’ve set up.  Click COMMUNITY at the top to see some of your Classmates who have been early users of the site.  Each Class member’s profile, once completed, will be part of a virtual community for our entire Class. It’s always available and always current, wherever you are.

How do I complete my Community profile?

Your profile takes about 15-20 minutes total to complete.  You don’t have to do it all at once, and you can revise it at any time.  Please note that there are two sections to your profile — ‘Part I – Basic Info‘ is directory-type information, ‘Part II – Personal Updates‘ is essay-style questions.  Please complete both!

Though Profiles are accessible only to Class members, no security system is perfect.  Please do not post home addresses, personal phone numbers and email addresses, and other information you wish to keep confidential.

Please add a photo by clicking the Change Profile Photo tab (located where it says Change Avatar in the older version pictured in Figure 4).  Well-lit head shots display most clearly.  Some people use a photo from the old days, which is fine, but most use a current one.

When you’ve finished editing your profile, hit the SAVE CHANGES button located at the bottom of the screen.  When the green CHANGES SAVED bar at the top appears (this sometimes takes several seconds), any edits you’ve made will take effect.

Using Other Site Features

In addition to my profile, can I send you information for publication on the site?

Yes, please do! There are two kinds of published items: new items, and additions to existing items (“comments”). To send us a new item — for example an announcement or photo you’d like us to post on the site — click here or on the CONTACT US selection at the top of any page.

If you’d like to add or respond to an existing item — you must be registered and logged in to do this — use the “Leave a Comment” form at the bottom of that item. (Just ignore the computer code a the bottom of the form.)  There’s typically a short delay between your submitting an item and its being published. This protects the site against spam and other unauthorized uses (for details, see below).

People send us professional news, book reviews, essays — whatever might be of interest to classmates.  Yale71.org is basically an online magazine written collectively by our entire class.

How can I leave my remembrances of a deceased classmate?

Click here to go to the IN MEMORIAM master page (you need to be registered and logged in). Find the person you wish to memorialize, then click his or her name and follow the instructions to share your thoughts.  If the person’s name is in blue, it means that others have already left their remembrances.

How can I contact the site managers?

To write to your classmates who volunteer to manage Yale71.org, click here. Thanks in advance for your suggestions, comments, questions — and again, please send in your news, nostalgia, links, lists…we’ll be excited to publish them for you on the site!  If you have site management skills and would like to help, please let us know.

Site Editorial Policies

What are examples of unauthorized uses of this site?

While we hope that common sense will prevail, we’ve built in safeguards to assure that it does. Purely commercial content (‘spam’) is almost always inappropriate. Anything illegal, slanderous, defamatory, or otherwise hurtful to any classmate, to the Class itself, or to the University, will be moderated (i.e., not published or published only with edits).  Determination of whether specific postings conform to these policies will be at the sole discretion of Yale College Class of 1971 Inc.

Can I delete or edit an item that I’ve submitted?

Yes. Click here to send a message requesting the change to the site managers. If it’s your submission, we’ll be glad to oblige.

I find someone else’s published item inappropriate. Can I delete it?

No, but you can make an appeal to the site managers. If we agree, we’ll forward your request to the original poster with a suggested modification.

Other Yale Sites

I don’t have a Yale alumni email address; how do I get one?

Click here to sign up for an alumni email address.

How can I find other Yale sites?

To quickly access some of the major Yale sites, click on the Useful Links listed on the right side of this page. Please note that, while we try to keep these links current, Yale sometimes changes their addresses without notifying us. If you find a broken link, please let us know.

Why do I need several different Yale passwords?

The Yale community as a whole has many discrete web sites.  For example, the Alumni Magazine, the AYA, and Athletics each has a site that is separate from the University site.

For security reasons, in some cases these sites have their own IDs and passwords. These are not the same as the ID and password you were issued when you registered for this site.  It’s as if each country you visited had its own passport.

For example, the link Class Notes Archive takes you to the “Alumni Notes” page of the Alumni Magazine site, where you’ll be asked for an ID and password.  Follow the directions on that page to obtain these.

There is a similar procedure when you follow the link Online Alumni Directory, where you’ll get a third ID and password.

This is inconvenient — but depending on what software you’re using, you may need to do it only the first time you use each linked site.  If you’re using your own private computer and you’re asked whether you’d like to “remember this password,” say yes.  (But please don’t do this from any public computers, for example in hotel business centers.)


Why is the site address yale71.org?

The Class of 1971 is an agency of Yale University and as such has nonprofit status; hence we use “dot-org” in our address, rather than “dot-com.”