About Us/Class Council


This website is owned and operated by and for members of the Yale College Class of 1971, which is solely responsible for its contents.

Though our site governance and editorial work are provided entirely by Class volunteers, we engage paid professionals for technical services such as site design, support, security, hosting, and maintenance.   These expenses are supported by your generous Class dues payments, which constitute our sole source of income.  We do not accept sponsorships or advertising on the site — and we NEVER sell, rent, or otherwise make available in ANY way ANY information about ANY registered site user.

In its current form, Yale71.org has operated consistently since our first post on September 18. 2006.  We launched a major 3.0 upgrade in fall 2011, which added the Community feature.

Many people have contributed along the way to this unique Class asset.  Our special thanks go to:

  • Andy Sherman and his wife for getting us started with the 1.0 version of the site
  • Katherine Hyde for editing the site from 2004-2020
  • Harry Levitt who, as then-Class Secretary, envisioned the Community feature
  • Our Class officers Andy Kaufman and Bill Primps and the Yale Alumni Association for their stewardship and financial support
  • Our many Classmates who have contributed news stories, memories, book reviews, art works, and personal essays

Website Editorial Board

The Class of 1971 Website Editorial Board (WEB) is a group of our classmates who volunteer to oversee this site and curate its contents. The WEB is composed of class officers Andy Kaufman, Secretary, and Bill Primps, Treasurer, along with Tim Powell, VP Technology, who also serves as the Publisher and acting Editor-in-Chief for this site. If you would like to help work on the site, or to contact any of us for any other reason, click here.

Yale College Class of 1971 Council


  • Plan and implement activities that stimulate and strengthen relationships among Class members.
  • Serve as an advisory board for Class officers. Provide advance feedback on key issues so that decisions are not made in a vacuum.
  • Gather information to be published in the Yale Alumni Magazine class notes and/or submitted for posting on this site.


The Council includes men and women representing each residential college as well as men and women living in the areas where large clusters of our classmates reside (e.g., New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco). Other members include the Class Secretary and Treasurer, former Class officers, AYA representative, chair of alumni fund agents, chair of reunion gift committee, and reunion chairs. Each Council member should be willing to organize (or assisting in organizing) at least one activity during the five-year period between reunions. Additional members are always welcome; contact Class Secretary Andy Kaufman if you’re interested.

Potential Activities

Lunches, dinners, or other classmate gatherings; cultural events (e.g., opera, ballet, gallery openings, etc.); forums for discussion of key issues (either in-person or online); speakers series (e.g., Yale professor’s lecture either in person or online); promotion of the class website, www.Yale71.org; publication of a periodic online class newsletter; creation of a network of experienced professionals to advise children of classmates regarding career choices, jobs, etc.

Current Members

The Class of 1971 Council currently includes:

Addison, Max (Calhoun)
Atlas, Scott (Branford)
Babst, Jim (Calhoun)
Boyle, Phil (Saybrook)
Brenner, Jean, Class AYA Representative (TD)
Brettell, Caroline (Jonathan Edwards)
Brogadir, Stu (Saybrook)
Citron, Chrissy (Saybrook)
Conty, Chris (Saybrook)
Dabaghi, Shad (Trumbull)
Dancewicz, John (TD)
Dawson, Ralph (Pierson)
Fennebresque, Debbie (Morse)
Fields, Bert (Saybrook)
Garner, Mitch (Berkeley)
Johnson, Snake (Morse)
Kaplan, Jim (TD)
Kaufman, Andy, Class Secretary (Berkeley)
Levitt, Harry (Branford)
Lewis, Katy (Jonathan Edwards)
Marshall, Ellen (Trumbull)
Miller, Jeff (Ezra Stiles)
Mintkeski, Walt (Pierson)
Murphy, Glenn (Calhoun)
Murphy, Kathy (Calhoun)
Pollack, Darryle (Trumbull)
Porter, Bill, Class Liaison to Calvin Hill Day Care Center (Davenport)
Powell, Tim,  Class VP of Technology (Branford)
Primps, Bill, Class Treasurer (Davenport)
Quinn, Robbie (Trumbull)
Reznik, Vivian (Davenport)
Rich, Philip  (TD)
Robinson, Lupi Phillips (Davenport)
Ross, Catherine (Trumbull)
Schmoke, Kurt (Davenport)
Schned, Eric (Saybrook)
Schulman, Jeff (Saybrook)
Seget, Alan (Calhoun)
Sherman, Andy (Ezra Stiles)
Sidney, Steve (Saybrook)
Ufer, Bob (TD)
Vogel, Dave (Davenport)
Weaver, Michael (Jonathan Edwards)
Wells, Vera (TD)
Yecies, Susan (Ezra Stiles)
Yuspeh, Alan, Class Mentor Project (Pierson)